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New Supported Accommodation Public Corporation and Board


In February this year it was announced that state government supported community accommodation services would become a commercial trading entity to be able to operate under the NDIS. Regulations establishing a new public corporation to do this were made in November.

The public corporation will remain part of State Government and will be charged with delivering high quality supported independent living services in our group homes.

Minister for Disabilities Katrine Hildyard has appointed a Board to guide the establishment of the new entity, and the Board will appoint a Chief Executive in the new year.

The new Board will be Chaired by Ms Judy Curran, who finishes this year as Chief Executive of the Can:Do Group. Ms. Curran is a highly credentialed senior leader and has significant business and not-for profit experience in health and disability services.
Board Members Joe Ullianich, Susan Campbell, Simon Blewett, Anne Burgess, Christine Locher and Juliet Brown, bring a mix of skills and experience to the challenge of transitioning to the NDIS.

Client, families and staff will also be actively engaged to support and inform the Board.

The Board will work on establishing the new entity and will take over day to day operations of the business sometime in 2018.

Board appointees and biographies:

Ms Judy Curran (Chair) has been Chief Executive of the Can:Do Group since March 2010, a role she will step down from in December 2017. Ms Curran has senior leadership experience in disability services and more than 20 years’ experience in the not-for profit sector. She holds a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and is a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Joe Ullianich was the Executive Director of Financial Services in the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion from 2004 until his retirement in 2012. He is currently the Chair of the State Emergency Relief Fund Committee and was a member of the South Australian Rail Taskforce as the Treasury representative. Mr Ullianich has been a Board member of the Austral Asia Railway Corporation, the South Australian Asset Management Corporation and Southern Group Insurance Corporation and the Lifetime Support Authority. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and is a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Ms Susan Campbell was the Chief Executive Officer of Minda Incorporated from January 2008 until January 2010 and has extensive experience in providing strategic leadership and implementing organisational cultural change within the disability and community sectors. Ms Campbell holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Graduate Certificate in Business. In 2009 she completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors Company Directors Course Diploma.

Mr Simon Blewett is a Barrister with Selby Street Chambers and previously held the position of Senior Legal Officer with United Voice SA where he represented many workers in the disability services sector. Mr Blewett also previously served as Chief of Staff to the Minster for Disabilities and later, Chief of Staff to the Premier of South Australia. Mr Blewett is a Fulbright Scholar and has degrees in Laws and Arts from the University of Adelaide and a Master of Labor Laws from New York University.

Ms Anne Burgess was the former Director of Mental Health, Director of the Office for Women and Acting Commissioner for Equal Opportunity. Ms Burgess has extensive skills and experience in policy development, change management and strategic planning.

Ms Christine Locher is currently the Director of VUCA Pty Ltd and has over 30 years consulting experience. Ms Locher has worked extensively with government and private sector decision makers to strategically position their organisations to lead effectively in a business environment characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Ms Locher will bring to the Board experience in organisational capability and change management.

Ms Juliet Brown has significant experience in business and the law extending over various industries including superannuation, insurance, transport and health in both the public and private sectors. Ms Brown holds a Bachelor of Laws and was Chief Executive for five years of the commercial law firm Thomson Playford (now Thomson Geer) where she led the firm through a successful period of development and growth. Ms Brown is currently the Chair of the Lifetime Support Authority Board.

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