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South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme extended until mid-2019


South Australians with disabilities rely heavily on accessible, affordable transport to access work, study, job-seeking and medical appointments. The State Government is extending the South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS) to help make getting around a little easier for people transitioning to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The SATSS program will run until mid-2019 for all current members, whether or not they have transitioned to the NDIS.

In South Australia, people with permanent and severe disabilities that limit their ability to use public transport are eligible for subsidised taxi fares:

  • 75 per cent subsidy for people who use a wheelchair full-time.
  • 50 per cent subsidy for people who do not use a wheelchair full-time.

SATSS provides members with 80 vouchers for subsidised taxi travel every six months. Each voucher has a maximum metered fare to which subsidy applies of $40.

Approximately 5,500 existing SATSS members aged between 18 and 64 will be transitioning to the NDIS over the next few years.
For more information or to apply, visit taxi fare subsidy scheme on the website.

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