Department of Human Services

Increasing support for victims of domestic violence


The State Government has committed $11.9 million to making sure women living in violent or abusive relationships will be able to get better access to the support services they need.

Through consultation with experts in the domestic and family violence sector, 40 new crisis beds for women seeking emergency accommodation will be introduced around the state, in locations where they’re needed most.

Extra funding will also mean the SA Domestic Violence Crisis hotline will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Women needing immediate, specialist support will be able to receive telephone counselling from trained staff, who will help them find safe accommodation and provide information about police, legal, housing and financial issues.

The Office for Women will support the trial of a Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, to help ensure people are better informed about their partner’s criminal history. They’ll also be developing a personal protection mobile app, to link at-risk women directly to police and domestic violence services.

A total of $5million for interest-free loans will be available to non-government organisations to fund new domestic violence support housing, including renovations and capital upgrades.

Domestic violence is an issue that affects the lives of far too many people across the country – one in four women in Australia experience intimate partner violence. These projects are part of a suite of measures to support women and children at risk in South Australia.

Page last updated : 29 Oct 2018

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