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Expanded role for Community Visitor Scheme


The role of the state’s Community Visitor Scheme (CVS) has been extended to include people with disability who are under the guardianship of the Public Advocate.

Around 550 National Disability Insurance Scheme participants are currently under guardianship, and this number is expected to grow.

The new authority has been provided by the Public Advocate under the Guardianship and Administration Act. It means community visitors will be able to assist the Public Advocate and her staff with their regular visits to NDIS participants under her guardianship.

Since the transition to the NDIS, the role of the CVS in South Australia is limited to services either provided or funded by the State Government.

It means that CVS visitors no longer have the legal authority to visit the homes of people with disability. However, the new authority will mean many more people will have access to the service.

Page last updated : 12 Aug 2021

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