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Help us make playgrounds inclusive and accessible


Take our inclusive play survey to tell us what you believe is important to making playgrounds and play spaces more accessible for all children and families.

The Department of Human Services will use feedback from the survey to develop inclusive play guidelines for local councils and other agencies to make public play spaces inclusive.

It is important to consider accessibility for people with disability when designing and building public spaces, including play spaces.

Children, parents, guardians, carers, grandparents and other members of the community are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on inclusive playgrounds and spaces.

Our inclusive play online survey includes questions about:

  • planning, so everyone can easily find their way around play spaces
  • design features, and
  • equipment to encourage children to play together.

The survey and more information is available now and will be open until Friday 27 September 2019

The inclusive play guidelines will be a tool for local government and other agencies to use when creating playgrounds and playspaces to ensure children or parents and carers with disability are included and their needs considered.

About one in ten children lives with disability and can experience difficulties using playgrounds and community play spaces.

Play is important for children to build social skills, independence, creativity and spatial awareness. These guidelines will help to remove barriers to children accessing public play spaces.

Inclusive playgrounds are specifically designed for people of all abilities and take into consideration limited mobility, vision and hearing impairment and autism.

The new guidelines will be finalised by the end of 2019.

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