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$6.7 million increase for personal alert systems for older South Australians

-$6.7 million increase for personal alert systems for older South Australians

Older South Australians and their families will have greater peace of mind after the Government announced a $6.7 million increase in funding for the Personal Alert Systems Rebate Scheme over the next six years.
Communities and Social Inclusion Minister Tony Piccolo said eligible elderly people living alone will receive financial assistance to pay for personal alert and monitoring systems.
The rebate provides eligible people with a one-off payment of up to $380 for the purchase and installation of personal alert systems, and up to $250 a year to help pay for ongoing monitoring services.
"This is an important scheme to help older South Australians maintain their independence and remain in their own homes," Mr Piccolo said.
"Personal alert and monitoring systems are important aids used to call for help after a fall or other mishap, where a signal or message is sent and a pre-agreed personalised response is put into action.
"A lightweight pendant is worn on the wrist or neck which can be activated in an emergency by pressing a button to alert neighbours, relatives, friends or a monitoring centre.

"They give older people who live alone and are at risk of falls or medical emergencies a greater sense of safety and confidence because they are able to easily call for help if they need it. They also provide peace of mind for their families."
Approved applicants must be 75 years or older (65 years for Aboriginal people) and have a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card, a referral from a registered health professional and meet other clinical, functional and social criteria.
For more information about the scheme and eligibility criteria, visit or phone 1300 700 169.
The rebate scheme complements a range of other initiatives helping older South Australians to live safely and confidently in their own home.
The State Government, in partnership with the Commonwealth Government, has in place comprehensive fall prevention programs which deliver preventative interventions including home safety assessments, health management and vision assistance.

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