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New responsible gambling campaign asks what are your odds?


South Australian gamblers are being encouraged to consider their odds in a new responsible gambling advertising campaign launched today to mark the start of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (20 - 26 May).

Communities and Social Inclusion Minister Tony Piccolo said gamblers, particularly young men, need to be aware of their gambling habits and when they might be crossing the line to become a problem gambler.

Mr Piccolo is encouraging punters to visit and go through the checklist to self-diagnose their gambling behaviour.

"Young people are exposed to more gambling options and advertising than ever before and Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is about raising awareness of the risks associated with problem gambling," Mr Piccolo said.

"This campaign targets young gamblers, highlighting facts such as they are more likely to be struck by lightning than win the lottery.

"The 'What are your odds?' campaign challenges people to ask themselves if they are controlling their gambling, or whether gambling is controlling them.

"The campaign highlights some sobering statistics including that you are more likely to die from a venomous bite or sting than win top prize on the pokies.

"In South Australia, there are an estimated 5000 adults with a gambling problem. For each person with a gambling problem, it is estimated between five and seven other people are affected by that person's problem, including family and friends.

Mr Piccolo said he hopes the campaign prompts people to think about their behaviour before placing their next bet.

"The effects of problem gambling can be devastating, often resulting in financial difficulties and relationship breakdowns," he said.

"If you gamble once or more a week, the chance of developing a gambling problem is 1 in 7. If you gamble occasionally, the chances are 1 in 50. So, what are your odds?"

Contact the 24-hour Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 for help, support, information or a referral to a Gambling Help Service. Gambling Help Services are free and confidential.

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