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Body scanners implemented at Kurlana Tapa

Increased security and improving the dignity of young people are among the benefits of three, new full body scanners being installed at Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre.

The scanners will be operational by the end of the week and located in the admissions and visiting areas of Kurlana Tapa. The technology will help detect concealed objects hidden inside or under clothing, including metallic/non-metallic weapons, liquids and narcotics. They will also help improve the dignity of the young people by reducing the need for partially clothed searches.

The scanners would detect a broader range of contraband and are similar to those utilized at Adelaide Airport for security.Staff operating the scanners will see a generic body silhouette which will clearly show any objects carried on the body and will then be able to determine whether there are suspicious items hidden on an individual. Several staff members have completed training in how to use the scanners, with training being extended to all relevant staff over the coming weeks.

The activation of the new scanners will be communicated to all young people at Kurlana Tapa via unit meetings, and they will be given the opportunity to ask questions, share any concerns, and provide feedback.

The full body scanners are part of the State Government’s commitment to protecting the safety of children, young people and staff. The State Government has already made, and will continue to make, significant improvements in the Youth Justice system and remains committed to learn and review best practice for both young people and staff.

In June, the State Government released a new Youth Justice State Plan 2020-23 following extensive community-wide consultation. It outlines the government’s strong plan to better support children and young people in the youth justice system, including addressing the over-representation of Aboriginal children and young people in detention.

Page last updated : 16 Jan 2022

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