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$8m in the pockets of SA volunteer organisations

More than $8 million is in the pockets of volunteer and community organisations across South Australia since the State Government made screening checks free for all South Australians in 2018.

In a bid to lower costs for organisations and attract people to volunteering, a total of 135,000 volunteers have received free screening checks since the fee was abolished, saving the sector millions of dollars.

It is now easier for people in South Australia to volunteer as the cost of screenings does not act as a barrier.

The State Government’s removal of volunteer screening fees highlights its thanks and appreciation of the vital importance of volunteers and their work in supporting our communities.

With these savings, volunteer involving organisations are able to enhance their volunteer programs, which assists in delivering vital community services.

In addition, the application process for screening has been simplified over the years, making it more streamlined for organisations, which also saves time.

For more information on screening checks and who requires them, visit the Screening website or phone 1300 321 592.

Page last updated : 12 Aug 2021

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