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DHS Interpreting and Translating Centre acknowledges International Translation Day – 30 September 2021

Let’s celebrate our wonderful translators and multicultural communities on this International Translation Day (30 September 2021).

Their work through the Interpreting and Translating Centre (ITC) within DHS is crucial to the many agencies, communities and individuals we service throughout South Australia each year.

The ITC Translations Team is made up of 100 translators working in more than 100 languages and dialects – together translating more than 600,000 words per year.

Their work is used in every aspect of life, including:

  • driver’s licenses
  • legal documents such as wills, marriage certificates and
  • professional qualifications.

ITC also regularly provide translations for export labels, menus and even certifying English subtitles for television commercials before they can go to air.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic ITC translators have worked closely with SA Health to provide essential translated documents to South Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse society.

One of the more unusual jobs the ITC translators perform is the translation of tattoos for SAPOL. SA Police will not allow an officer to display a foreign text tattoo unless they provide a certified translation of their tattoo to ensure that the text is not offensive in any way.

ITC and the broader department thanks our dedicated team of translators and customer service officers for their commitment to their craft and to delivering quality translations for the benefit of the South Australian community.

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