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Information register offers peace of mind for victims of youth crime

Victims of crime committed by a young person can now register online to be kept informed about their offender’s sentence, place of detention and release date as well as the opportunity to have their say to the Training Centre Review Board.

The Youth Justice Victims Register is managed by the Department of Human Services. Newly introduced improvements to the register – including online registration and new plain English information materials to explain how the system works – mean it is now easier than ever for victims to access its benefits.

Victims on the Youth Justice Victims Register can find out:

  • About the young person’s sentence
  • The place where the young person is in detention
  • If the young person moved from one Youth Justice Centre to a different one
  • The release date from detention and any conditions
  • If a young person has tried to escape from custody
  • If the young person is sentenced on Home Detention near their home.

Victims on the register can also give information to the Training Centre Review Board if they are meeting about the young person.

The improved Youth Justice Victims Register was delivered as part of Young People Connected, Communities Protected: South Australia’s Youth Justice State Plan 2020-2023.

To apply for the Youth Justice Victims Register, visit the DHS Youth Justice Victims Register page.

Find more information about the South Australia’s Youth Justice State Plan.

Page last updated : 12 Aug 2021

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