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Some SA Screening checks revoked


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South Australia screening checks revoked for people working and volunteering with children (194), people with disability (35) and the aged (16). 245 checks revoked in all.

South Australia revoked a record 245 screening checks in the last financial year for workers and volunteers who were deemed to pose a risk to children, people living with disability or the elderly.

The Screening Unit, within the Department of Human Services, notified registered employers and volunteer-involving organisations immediately as bans were actioned throughout the year thanks to daily, real time, checks against justice systems.

The Screening Unit processed almost 240,000 screening checks in 2020–21, required for people working with children and other vulnerable people. The number of screenings revoked is barely 0.1 per cent of those issued in a year.

Nevertheless, these are the important ones that need to be removed from privileged positions of working with some of South Australia’s most vulnerable people so that we can build stronger safeguards.

The number of screening checks revoked has more than doubled on the previous financial year when, in July 2019, a stricter threshold was introduced along with protection checks for people working with children made compulsory.

About real time checks

Real time checks for people charged with drug, violence and sexual assault related crimes allows the Screening Unit to cross check records with anyone already holding screening clearances to work with vulnerable people, rather than wait for a checking process to discover this information as three yearly renewals become due.

Risky individuals – no longer able to work with vulnerable people – include cases where they’ve faced charges of:

  • Causing serious harm
  • Aggravated assault against a child or spouse and accessing pornography
  • Drug trafficking
  • Dealing a controlled drug.

The majority of clearance types revoked were Working with Children Checks – representative of the majority of screening types processed through the DHS Screening Unit.

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