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Toolkits to boost disability inclusion

New toolkits developed by the Department of Human Services will help local councils and government agencies make their events and communications more inclusive for people living with disability.

The draft toolkits have been released for public feedback before they are finalised and rolled out across the State.

Nearly one in five South Australians live with disability yet some events and communications are still not designed with them in mind. An important step in changing that is ensuring government agencies and local councils have the information they need to be more inclusive.

The four toolkits are written in plain English and support inclusive practices in:

  • providing communication in a range of accessible formats
  • holding accessible and inclusive events
  • developing wayfinding, signage and multimedia devices for people living with disability
  • facilitating consultation and engagement with people living with disability.

The toolkits have been developed under Inclusive SA, South Australia's first disability inclusion plan, and in consultation with councils and government bodies.

The consultation is open to all South Australians and particularly people with lived experience of disability.

Through the consultation, the Department of Human Services is seeking to ensure the toolkits reflect the needs of the community.

Along with seeking direct feedback on the draft toolkits, the department is also wanting to hear ideas to make South Australia more inclusive and accessible. These may spring from challenges that people have faced – either themselves directly or other people they know.

All ideas are welcome – including small, practical changes. This feedback will inform the development of the final toolkits and other Inclusive SA actions.

The YourSAy consultation is open until Monday 26 July 2021. Go online to

Once finalised later this year, the toolkits will be published on the Inclusive SA website, available for everyone to use and strongly promoted to State Government agencies and local councils.

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