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Unique Aboriginal cultural connection space for young people in Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre

South Australia is leading the way in supporting Aboriginal children and young people in the youth justice system with the unveiling today of a new Aboriginal Cultural Trail and Connection Space at the Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre.

This new groundbreaking space is the latest innovative improvement at the centre, which is set to become one of the most modern facilities of its kind following an $18.7 million investment under the latest State Budget to upgrade and consolidate the site.

Aboriginal Elder involvement

Through working closely with Aboriginal Elders, we have created a new unique space has been created to showcase Aboriginal culture and encourage both young people and staff to learn more about South Australia’s Aboriginal nations and languages.

This will help to instil a sense of pride in Aboriginal residents at the centre, while offering a safe and supportive setting for young people to reflect on the impacts of their offending and help them to stay on the right track in future.

The space features a range of natural elements that reflect and celebrate Aboriginal culture, including a red Boomerang design on the perimeter, Kaurna shield in the centre, poles representing Aboriginal nations, dance pit and theatre.

It will become a hub for Aboriginal community members to engage with children and young people at the centre, including a visiting program for Elders to come into Kurlana Tapa on a regular basis to connect with Aboriginal children and young people and offer ongoing support.

Aboriginal Elders continue to lead the way in encouraging and supporting Aboriginal children and young people to take pride in their own cultural identity, connections, and heritage.

It will compliment healing, wellbeing and cultural guidance for young Aboriginal people, as well a great place for Elders to meet with young people and talk about their experiences, their journey, and to provide support and advice.

The development of the Aboriginal Cultural Trail and Connection Space is one of a number of initiatives under South Australia’s Youth Justice State Plan designed to boost Aboriginal cultural connection and address the over-representation of Aboriginal children and young people in the justice system.

Further upgrades

In addition to the new cultural space, the Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre is set for a major upgrade to get underway this year following an injection of $18.7 million in the State Budget to consolidate the facility into a single, modernised site.

Following a successful trial, all residents are being accommodated at the newer Goldsborough Road campus, which will be further upgraded a new classroom space, extended visiting space, new accommodation unit and police custody unit.

This will lead to better services and outcomes for young people in the youth justice, as well as their families, and the community as a whole.

Page last updated : 12 Aug 2021

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