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First SA community housing provider registered under the National Regulatory System


The Office of Housing Regulation announced today the first community housing provider to be registered in South Australia under the new National Regulatory System for Community Housing.

The new National Regulatory System for Community Housing has been created to make it easier for providers to work across state boundaries.

Housing Regulator and Registrar, John Herrmann, said the first South Australian community housing provider to be listed was Unity Housing Company Ltd.

"Unity Housing Company participated in the first phase of the National Regulatory System and has now been formally assessed," Mr Herrmann said.

"It is also one of the first providers from across Australia to be listed on the national register.

"In the past each state had its own system for assessing community housing providers, and these systems were not comparable.

"While some interstate providers have already gone through the old assessment process to get established here, this reform will make it much smoother for some of the larger community housing providers interested in working in South Australia to get started.  We also hope it provides opportunities for local providers to expand.

"Essentially, this reform is about making it as straightforward as possible for community housing providers, with the aim of helping them deliver as many homes as possible."

Mr Herrmann said the national approach would facilitate growth and development of the community housing sector in South Australia and across Australia.

"Importantly it reduces red tape for providers wishing to operate across Australia, and will increase access to community-based affordable housing for South Australians in need."

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