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New laws to strengthen protections for people with disability


South Australians living with disability will now have greater protection available to them, through legislation that passed State Parliament today.

Minister for Disabilities Tony Piccolo said the State Government developed the legislation in close consultation with representatives from the community sector, people living with disability, their advocates, and their carers.

"As a Government, our focus on disability services has been on empowering people with disability – whether that's through reform of the sector, the introduction of individualised funding or the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme," Mr Piccolo said.

"This legislation will help recognise and promote the rights of people living with disability, as well as delivering greater protection.

"Under the legislation, service providers will be required to have accessible and well-publicised complaints and grievance procedures.

"There are also safeguards in place to ensure that people are protected if they report allegations of inappropriate behaviour in good faith."

Mr Piccolo said the legislation would also allow for the creation of regulations to monitor the results for clients.

"This will ensure people living with disability are getting the best possible value for money from the services they receive," he said.

"Importantly, the legislation also references the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a set of best practice principles to guide the development of policy, funding decisions and the administration and provision of disability services."

Mr Piccolo thanked those members of the sector, people living with disability, their advocates, families and carers who were involved in the development of the new legislation.

"Their input into the process has been invaluable, and have ensured we will deliver an outcome that will help improve the quality of life and protections available to people living with disability," he said.

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