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Recommendation 1

That the State Government communicate the matters raised in this report to the Commonwealth Government with special reference to Safeguarding Gaps 1 to 9, seeking a response on how these gaps must be addressed as soon as possible.

Recommendation 2

That the State Government address the need for vulnerable NDIS participants to have regular health checks including communicating to the Commonwealth Department of Health. (Safeguarding Gap 9).

Recommendation 3

That the State Government extend the scope of the Adult Safeguarding Unit to include younger adults at risk of abuse prior to 2022, commencing with people with disabilities. (Safeguarding Gap 10).

Recommendation 4

That DHS revisit the information sharing guidelines as they impact on screening of workers and, in particular, the availability of relevant information from the Commonwealth (Safeguarding Gap 11).

Recommendation 5

That the State Government reaffirm the value of a community visitor scheme as an additional safeguard for potentially vulnerable participants and work with the Commonwealth to establish a complementary scheme. (Safeguarding Gap 12).

Recommendation 6

That State and Local Government agencies provide for better access and inclusion so that people with disabilities can fully participate in society. (Safeguarding Gap 13).

Recommendation 7

That the State government invest in individual advocacy to assist individuals with accessing what they need from the NDIS and from the community. (Safeguarding Gap 14).

The Co-chairs wish to thank the members of the Safeguarding Task Force for their hard work in reviewing and assisting with the creation of the text. The Task Force has been ably assisted by the executive staff comprising of Sandra Wallis, Diane Holty and Oliver Hales.

Kelly Vincent (Disability Rights Advocate) and David Caudrey (Disability Advocate)
Co-chairs of the Safeguarding Task Force

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