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Easing of restrictions

Q: Easing of restrictions - what is the latest?

A: The South Australian Government is currently easing COVID-19 restrictions. The Government has released a Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions.

The SA.Gov website has more information on the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Q: Does a service provider need to create a COVID-Safe Plan as part of the easing of restrictions?

A: COVID-Safe Plans are required by the State Government for businesses and activities reopening as restrictions ease. There are a range of services that are exempt from preparing COVID-Safe Plans, including disability, aged care and residential facilities, and supported residential facilities. More details are available on the State Government COVID-19 website.

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Q: What does the easing of restrictions mean for NGOs?

A: The DHS NGO sector has continued to deliver key services to South Australians throughout this period. For some of you, your services have been altered to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

Our focus is on working with the sector to assist services to restart where they are safe to do so. Some charity shops have reopened and outdoor homelessness services are operating as normal and country service provision is returning to normal levels outside of restricted areas.

Our priority is to make sure people feel safe and confident in receiving the services they need, and organisations and staff feel safe and confident in their service provision. For example, we are working to share our experiences through the disability sector so day options can be delivered to clients.

In addition, we are very keen to focus on what regulatory or practice changes are required as restrictions ease where a sector or an organisation wants to continue their COVID-19-style of service delivery. We know there have been significant benefits with telehealth and are keen to start moving now on how we embed these improvements into our post-COVID-19 practices.

While our state has performed well in containing COVID-19, we still need to be vigilant and take care to protect the most vulnerable in our community as we move into this next phase.

All staff are urged to:

  • Remain vigilant and take precautions about illness and any suspicious symptoms.
  • Isolate if sick.
  • Continue to maintain thorough hygiene, including hand washing.
  • Maintain social distancing, including the 1.5m rule.

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Page last updated : 08 Jul 2020

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