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Q&A - DHS NGO sector Forum 29 October 2020

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Questions and answers

Are boarding houses covered in any of the response strategies developed to this point?  If not, will they be considered?

The guidelines are for Supported Residential Facilities, not specifically boarding houses.  The matter has been raised and Mental Health officials are looking into it.

At a forum in August, it was stated that someone in a Group Home (SIL) or Residential Aged Care would be evacuated from their setting to hospital or Medi-hotel if they contracted COVID 19. The rationale being that Support Workers could not be expected to implement the contact and droplet requirements. Is this the requirement?

Yes, this is still the plan.  In the SIL COVID plan under 'implement additional infection control measures immediately' second dot point has a guide to commence contact and droplet precautions and a link to the SA Health website about how to do this.

Are there any resources available or planned for providers to support with PPE costs prior to being able to claim from participants, and mindful of reduced SIL pricing that has already reduced provider resources.

PPE can be paid from either the SIL plan or charged directly to the agency, but there are no measures to cover the cost in advance.

It’s previously been said that SA Health wanted to do a mock scenario at a regional SRF.  Has this happened?

Scenario planning is underway across a range of areas, including this one.

Can a SIL provider charge NDIS participants for additional cleaning of the facilities due to COVID hygiene best practices? For example, wiping down surfaces throughout the day and additional cleaning/disinfecting of participants' rooms? Or is this considered to be an additional cost that the SIL will need to incur? What happens if the participant does not have sufficient funding in core supports for this?

Only if there is a confirmed case in the facility.

If an SRF does not have the knowledge and skills in-house to undertake infection control, outbreak management and business continuity planning what support is available for them?

There is a lot of information available on the SA Health advisory website and it could be adapted for the SRF sector. The information includes training, PPE use, and more.

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