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Wednesday 30 June 2021

This is an archived Newsletter. The information may be outdated.

For the latest COVID-19 information, please refer to the SA Government COVID-19 website.

Dear sector colleagues,

South Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions have been tightened further today in response to news of five cases of the Delta variant of COVID-19 within our state.

The five cases are part of the one family, who have all been isolating at home since Saturday when the father returned home from a mine in the Northern Territory. As the cases were not acquired in the community, health authorities are referring to these cases as ‘linked transmission’.

Pleasingly, due to the returned traveller and his family following the guidelines set by SA Health including being tested and isolating, South Australia will not be going into lockdown.

The Premier has, however, announced a change to 'activities and gatherings' directions, reducing the home gathering limit from 150 to 10 people.

In addition to this mandated change, the Premier advised that:

  • It is strongly recommended that face masks be worn out in public.
  • Non-essential workers who can’t socially distance at work and are able to work from home should consider doing so.
  • We need to remain vigilant with the use of QR codes.

The restrictions announced by the government earlier this week regarding the use of masks and density requirements in high-risk settings still apply.


SA Health has developed a number of excellent resources relating to infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes information for healthcare workers and facility administrators on how to optimise the use of PPE, and links to the SA Health Procurement customer service team for enquiries and questions about PPE supply. Please visit the SA Health website for more infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) advice.

Practice good hygiene, test, isolate and vaccinate

It is vital that we continue to practice basic hygiene measures, such as washing our hands regularly, maintaining social distance, frequently wiping down surfaces, and avoid touching our eyes and face.

It is also critical that we all continue to be tested and self-isolate if we have any COVID-19 symptoms at all, no matter how minor. Get tested immediately and self-isolate until you have received a negative result.

Most importantly — if you’re eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination, the message from our health officials is to please get vaccinated. Vaccination works and is the single most effective measure to protect against infection and serious cases of COVID-19.

For those in aged care and disability residential facilities, COVID-19 vaccinations may be offered via your workplace or at a hub as part of the rollout by ASPEN Medical to these sectors. Otherwise, you can book your vaccination appointment online via the SA Health website.

Border closures and quarantine requirements

The borders to New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT remain closed, and testing and quarantine requirements also apply to travellers from Victoria.

If you have recently travelled interstate, please visit the SA Health contact tracing page to see if there are requirements that impact you.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact DHS’s COVID-19 Response team at 

Best regards,

Lois Boswell
Chief Executive

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