Department of Human Services

Friday 28 August 2020

Dear sector colleagues,

This week we convened meetings with the Community Services Sector Intelligence Group and the Community Services Peak Organisations to provide updates on the latest developments regarding COVID-19 in South Australia and to hear directly from organisations about issues that are impacting the sector.

These meetings are vital for both DHS and SA Health to hear first hand from the sector about emerging and common issues, allowing us to problem solve in real time and provide guidance and advice where it is required.

Feedback indicated some common areas of concern, including around aged care, disability and in-home workforces, and the need for PPE and infection control refresher training. DHS is following up on a number of questions raised at the meeting.

As a sign of the good work that is being undertaken in South Australia to manage the pandemic, a number of restrictions will ease from today. This includes the reinstatement of the 40km travel buffer zone for cross border communities in Victoria and South Australia. Please refer below for further information.

The ongoing work of the community services sector to manage the impacts of COVID-19 across some of our most vulnerable communities is to be commended - we truly are all in this together. If you would like to discuss any concerns, please contact DHS's COVID Response Team via 

For more information on COVID-19 in South Australia please go to:

Best regards,

Lois Boswell
Acting Chief Executive

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