Department of Human Services

Friday 7 August 2020

Dear sector colleagues,

DHS yesterday held an online forum for the NGO sector to provide more information and respond to questions. Thank you for your participation and I hope you found it useful and informative.

recording of the forum has been uploaded to the DHS website and written answers to your submitted questions will be available next week on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Today, I’m sure many of you have had concerns about the situation in Thebarton. SA Health and South Australia Police are taking extra precautions to manage this cluster and we are holding meetings with community leaders tonight.

Information specific to the Thebarton cluster is available on the SA Health website and is being prepared in a variety of languages by our Interpreting and Translating Centre.

If you would like to discuss any concerns, please contact DHS's COVID Response Team Head Anna Bartsch on 0407 320 903 or at

For more information on COVID-19 in South Australia please go to:

Best regards,

Lois Boswell
Acting Chief Executive

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