Department of Human Services

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Dear sector colleagues,

While we are in the middle of this global pandemic, in South Australia there are positive signs with our continued success in flattening the curve and stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

Yesterday South Australia recorded 13 days with no new cases of COVID-19.

That incredible result is a testament to our collective efforts in stopping the spread - and protecting our most vulnerable. As a community we keep going despite the challenges we are facing.

Last week some elective surgery restarted, many of our children returned to learning in the classroom, and on Sunday council playgrounds reopened. As a state we are looking forward to other aspects of our lives resuming, while maintaining key restrictions to stop the virus spreading.

But we know that despite the good news, some of us are struggling.

The State Government has provided a funding boost for domestic violence prevention programs, including a new referral line for men to seek help to break the cycle.

Meanwhile, South Australians are saying thank you to our frontline care and support workers through social media with the dedicated hashtags #ThanksForCaring and #SAyThanks.

I would like to encourage you to complete an online survey by the Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise at the University of South Australia which is working with community service organisations to identify current demands and pressure points from COVID-19.

You can find details in our latest newsletter.

I will add my thanks to our frontline workers, and to all of you who are ensuring that South Australians continue to receive your essential help and support during these challenging times.

Best regards

Lois Boswell
Acting Chief Executive

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