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The current COVID-19 pandemic affects all of us in our professional and personal lives. The South Australian Department of Human Services (DHS) is very aware of the importance of the many and varied non-government organisations (NGOs) that provide important services to our community and the challenges we collectively now face, probably for several months.

This toolkit is intended to help all South Australian NGOs, to build resilience and know where to go for information as the situation continues to change.

This toolkit provides practical guidance for NGOs across the following areas critical to your success:

  • Decision- making
  • Workforce (including workforce health and wellbeing)
  • Service delivery
  • Finances

As well as providing additional, useful information, this Toolkit is a central place to house various templates and useful documents relating to COVID-19 that we believe you will need to refer to now and in the coming weeks and months.

This situation is evolving and your particular issue/circumstance may not be covered currently - we will continue to update this document throughout the duration of the pandemic.

Whilst this Toolkit provides guidance, it does not replace your existing policies or DHS policies and framework for consultations.

We also believe that in the current circumstances, we need to recognise the importance of strengthening partnerships between NGOs to sustain services and mitigate potential capacity and resource challenges. For many of us, the way that we work and service delivery considerations have changed dramatically in a very short period of time and this toolkit may help facilitate the identification of potential formal and informal sharing of resources and partnerships.

NGOs are encouraged to use and contribute to the resources in the toolkit.

We have included communication channels for you to communicate with us and we encourage collaboration and development and sharing of experiences and solutions to improve everyone's ability to continue delivering essential services to our communities.

Common issues that many organisations are facing from COVID-19


Allowing for rapid decision-making to ensure business continuity.


Protecting the wellbeing and welfare of the workforce whilst managing employee sick and carer's leave.

Service delivery

Reduction and cessation of critical services affecting customers, workforce and suppliers.


Maintaining long term business viability through challenges to cash flow, payroll and accounts payable.
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