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Client / customer health and welfare measures

Do now

  • Implement measures to protect customers from exposure and / or infection in accordance with government guidelines.
  • Further to the above, identify:
    • The process for identifying the risk of exposure to a client;
    • The process for seeking medical advice / consultation if a client is suspected to have COVID-19; and
    • The process for ‘contract tracing’ and communicating with family regarding a client who may have COVID-10.
  • Consider whether the organisation can collaborate and interact with a client of another organisation without breaching privacy laws. Consider whether information can be shared for the sake of contact tracing.
  • Recognise that increased levels of anxiety and uncertainty are anticipated amongst the community and the need for clear communication to vulnerable members of the community.

Do next

  • Determine whether face-to-face services will continue and, if so, in what capacity.
  • Consider the need for increased services, for example, family based violence providers may consider it necessary to conduct additional check-ins to ensure the safety and welfare of their clients.
  • Understand the risks around having clients access the broader health system as opposed to self-isolation (particularly in the disability sector).

Do as needed

  • Ensure that all clients receive appropriate and regular communication.
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