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Do now

  • Review and understand the Australian Government’s information for employers.
  • Understand what to do if an employee:
    • contracts COVID-19
    • needs to self-isolate, or
    • is at risk of contracting COVID-19 due to direct contact with someone infected and the implications of this on clients and families.
  • Please refer to SA Health for the latest guidance and advice.
  • Consider leave arrangements and identify critical roles. Implement back up personnel to fill critical roles in the event key staff are sick / caring / socially isolated, especially with continued restrictions or impacts on the employment of family members.
  • Consider provisions for staff at increased risk of serious illness (e.g. pregnant women, people who are immunocompromised) during a Coronavirus (COVID-19) response e.g. leave arrangements, alternative duties/work location.
  • Conduct regular check ins with your staff to support their wellness and identify any concerns, including by telephone and / or video for those working remotely.
  • Consider designating a specific staff member to manage rosters, availability and potential risks to staff health and wellbeing.
  • Understand that the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the epidemic may trigger mental health issues and direct staff to your Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) where possible.
  • Facilitate improved hygiene measures and social distancing modifications across all work
  • Understand all travel restrictions and communicate these clearly to all employees.
  • Monitor changing laws and regulations (for example, travel restrictions) affecting your employees. Please refer to the latest advice from the Australian Government.
  • Review and understand the feasibility and available capability and capacity to implement alternative working measures such as working from home or splitting teams across sites.
  • The South Australian Government’s policy on employment conditions under COVID-19 (PDF 467 KB) may provide a useful reference.

Do next

  • Review existing policies and procedures to facilitate safe, secure and flexible work practices across the organisation and, if required, vary them in response to the potential requirements of remote working or other impacts or your pandemic plan.

Do as needed

  • Update, implement and monitor adherence to policies and procedures (such as the Home Visiting Policy) if applicable.
  • Keep employees regularly informed on about the latest updates and guidance whilst encouraging calm and a recognition that operations are likely to continue as long as government guidance is followed.
  • Encourage staff to develop their own family Coronavirus (COVID-19) response plan for care of dependent children and elders in the event of illness or community containment measures (e.g. school closures). Discuss with managers to determine work load impacts and leave options that could be accessed
  • Develop a plan for administration of Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine to staff, should one become available, in accordance with state/national guidance (e.g. high priority staff, locations, communication).
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