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Continuous improvement network

The Australian Service Excellence Standards conducts periodic Continuous Improvement Workshops on topics of interest to the Community Services Sector.

The Continuous Improvement Network (CIN) aims to exchange information on quality issues across the Community Services Sector. It does this through the:

  • Partnership Portal (log-in section)
  • Continuous Improvement special topic sessions.

The Continuous Improvement Network also:

  • provide advice to the Service Excellence Team on direction and continuous improvement issues
  • advocate and support engagement in quality in the Community services Sector
  • provide networking opportunities for agencies interested / engaged in quality improvement programs.

In South Australia, the Service Excellence team within Community Connect will coordinate network meetings and conduct information workshops on topics of mutual interest for participants. The workshops conducted so far have covered topics such as Strategic Planning and Risk Management.

Please contact the Service Excellence Team on +61 8 8413 9036 for details on the next workshop.

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