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Department of Human Services

Place-based approach

Where we live affects how we live.

We want all South Australians to actively contribute, connect to their communities and share equal access to opportunities.

We want all South Australians to live in communities where people feel connected and hopeful for the future, and we want all communities to be strong leaders in building that future.

Our place-based way of working uses local solutions and emphasises community-led renewal and local initiatives that:

  • enhance local culture with strong local leadership
  • promote community pride and cohesion
  • make people safe, healthy and resilient
  • increase participation in local and economic opportunities that support wellbeing.

We support local people, groups, services and businesses to:

  • connect with each other
  • work together
  • understand local challenges
  • identify opportunities and resources
  • set achievable goals
  • collectively build local strength, leadership and vision.

Strong partnerships between government, the not-for-profit sector, local businesses and members of the community underpin local initiatives. We make change with, not to, communities.

A place-based approach is the best way of ensuring that no community is left behind.

Making a Collective Impact

One way that we approach place-based work is Collective Impact. This strategy uses a range of solutions (programs/services/policies/systems change) to work towards significant, lasting and positive outcomes for communities.

We measure our progress towards these outcomes and adapt our solutions to reflect circumstances such as new learning, evolving partnerships and changing priorities. We use the Results-Based Accountability methodology to measure outcomes.

Collective Impact relies on communities to integrate efforts and make the most of local knowledge, skills, expertise and resources.

Place-based initiatives

Some of our place-based initiatives include:

  • Making an Impact: Northern Adelaide
  • Ceduna Service Reform
  • Peterborough - Our Thriving Community.

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