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Each year billions of dollars are provided by local, state and federal governments as well as philanthropic, community and corporate trusts and foundations. Be sure to match the purpose of your program with the purpose of a funder before you apply for a grant. Governments are traditionally more focused on  policy outcomes, businesses want to be seen by the community in a positive way while philanthropists want to support a community need and be involved in making a difference.

Where to find the funding

Check out these guides to assist you obtain grant funding:

Guide to Government Grants
Guide to Private Sector Funding

Check out these websites and subscribe to assist your search for grant funding:

Grant finder - discover funding programs for your small business
GRANTassist - a place for information on government grants and assistance
Grant Guru - Australia's largest free searchable listing of grants and funding programs for not-for-profit organisations
The Funding Centre - the best place to go to get information on grants and fundraising in Australia

How to write a funding application

Watch these four short animated clips aimed at helping organisations submit a winning grant application, developed by the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal:

Plan your project - how to develop a project plan
Prepare a budget - tips on how to prepare your project budget
Write an application - guidance on how to write your project application
Implement your project - you have received a grant, now what?

Webinar – Emerging Funding (Not for Profit Law) – This webinar is comparing traditional funding approaches with new funding approaches, and outlining the key legal considerations.  

Social impact investing

Social Impact investing is form of funding that seeks to deliver both a social, environmental and a financial return. Investors are looking at what the social and environmental impact that their money is resulting in but also what financial benefit will they receive through this investment.

Webinar – Impact Investing (Not for Profit Law) – This webinar provides a conversation on the state of impact investing in Australia, with case studies of organisations engaging in the impact investing space.


Some organisations are unable to apply for funding because they do not meet the funders requirements.  Grant funding often requires that a recipient is incorporated, is a Tax Concession Charity or has DGR endorsement. If your organisation does not have meet the following conditions you might get consider getting another organisation who does to auspice your project and enter into a funding agreement and receive the project funds on your behalf.

Not for Profit Law – access an Auspicing Guide and Checklist that provides a detailed overview of auspicing arrangements, important issues for parties involved to consider, and guidance on reaching agreement on the terms of the auspicing agreement.

SCOPE Friday Funding

To help save you some time each week, we search through the long list of available grants and select one to highlight. We select grants that are unique and are suitable for community organisations across the South Australian community services sector. If you would like the SCOPE Friday Funding email delivered straight to your inbox each week, click here to subscribe.

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