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Cudlee Creek CFS Newsletter 8

South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) Community Newsletter

Tuesday 31 December 2019 5pm

What is happening now

The Cudlee Creek Fire is Contained and a Reduced Threat Advice Message has been issued.

The bushfire that started at 9:20am on Friday 20 December 2019 on Hollands Creek Road at Cudlee Creek has burnt 23,966 ha and has a perimeter of 185 kms.

It has directly impacted the Communities of:

  • Brukunga
  • Charleston
  • Cudlee Creek
  • Gumeracha
  • Harrogate
  • Kenton Valley
  • Lenswood
  • Lobethal
  • Montacute
  • Mount Torrens
  • Woodside.

It is also in the vicinity of:

  • Balhannah
  • Birdwood
  • Castambul
  • Dawesley
  • Hahndorf
  • Hay Valley
  • Inglewood
  • Kanmantoo
  • Littlehampton
  • Millbrook
  • Mount Barker
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Nairne
  • Oakbank
  • Paracombe
  • Rockleigh
  • Tungkillo.

On ground crews have halted the spread of the fire and there are now only occasional flare ups within containment lines.

Fire crews continue to respond to 000 (triple zero) calls for help.

What fire conditions are expected

Weather conditions for the coming days are forecast to be more favorable over the next few days.

Wednesday 1 Jan - HIGH

Thursday 2 Jan - VERY HIGH

Please note that these conditions can change with updated forecasts, check the CFS website daily for updated fire danger forecasts

What we are doing?

CFS crews are remaining on the fire ground to respond to reports of smoke and fire and continue to patrol and black out.

CFS will continue to monitor the status of this fireground particularly on days of higher fire danger as flare ups and break outs can continue to occur for several weeks due to tree roots smoldering underground.

What roads are open

All roads are now open, however roads can be closed at short noticed due to emerging hazards such as outbreaks and falling trees. This may block access into and out of your location and affect your supply chains for some time.

Drivers are advised to exercise due care in the area. There is a continued risk of falling trees and branches, stock wandering across roads, reduced visibility and a vast amount of damaged or missing road signage.

What can you do

Despite the reduced threat we are asking all community members to remain aware. If you see unattended fire, phone 000 (triple zero).

Where possible avoid fire-affected areas, especially areas with trees that have a risk of falling or dropping limbs.

If your property has been affected by fire, please continue to monitor the burnt ground over the coming days and ensure that any flare-ups or smoking areas are reported by phoning 000 (triple zero).

Where can you go

Relief Centres have been established at the following locations:

  • Turramurra Recreation Centre
    1000 Lower North East Road, Highbury.
    Open Times: 7.00 am to 7.00 pm
    Closed after: Sunday 5 January 2020
  • Mount Barker High School
    2 Wellington Road, Mount Barker
    Open Times 7.00 am to 7.00 pm
    Closed after: Wednesday 8 January 2020

Recovery Centre has established in Lobethal to provide assistance and support to affected people, including care and support, assistance with accommodation and administering grants

  • Old Woollen Mill
    1 Lobethal Road, Lobethal

    Open from: 31 December 2019
    Open Times: 7.00 am to 7.00 pm

Power and Water

Power has been restored to properties in the fire ground.

Reticulated water has been restored to all customers, however some water meters may require repair or replacement.

Health and Bushfire Recovery Information

SA Health – Bushfires

SA Health - Extreme heat and bushfire smoke (PDF 102 KB)

SA Health - Bushfire smoke - advice for older people fact sheet (PDF 257 KB)

SA Health - Mental health Coping after a disaster or an emergency (PDF 400KB)

SA Health - Food safety in an emergency

SA Health - Rainwater quality and bushfires

Asbestos Management - advice and information

Asbestos Management - fire and water damage

Natural Resources Management - Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges

The state government has a comprehensive web page on these types of emergencies and safety.

Loss of income

Assistance is available if you can show you lost income or have been adversely affected as a direct result of the South Australian Bushfires, November 2019.

Livestock and agriculture


PIRSA - Primary Industries and Regions SA - assistance for any primary producer and animal owner seeking urgent assistance and information.

PIRSA also have officers available to assist with the assessment of injured and burnt livestock.

Phone 1800 255 556

Injured Animals - Domestic or Native

For assistance with injured or distressed animals, native or domestic, contact South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management (SAVEM).

Phone 04 7705 5233


Horse SA

Open Paddocks SA (Facebook)

Key numbers for assistance

Bushfire Information Hotline

1800 362 361 (TTY 13 36 77)

CFS website

Disaster Recovery

1800 302 787

Cudlee Creek recovery pages (DHS website)


Livestock and Horticulture enquiries

1800 255 556

PIRSA website


1300 477 722

RSPCA website

Adelaide Hills Council

8408 0400

Adelaide Hills Council website

Mount Barker District Council

8391 7200

Mount Barker District Council website

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