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Kangaroo Island CFS Newsletter 4

South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) Community Newsletter

Wednesday January 1st 2020, 5pm

Kangaroo Island - Bushfire situation

A number of fires were started by lightning in December across Kangaroo Island. The Country Fire Service (CFS), SA National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and local landholders have been working hard to stop these fires spreading.

The Duncan Fire on the northern side of the island was contained on Tuesday 31st December 2019. But, the two Ravine fires on the western end of the island remain uncontrolled and continue to present a threat to life and property.

The Ravine fires started approximately five kilometres apart in inaccessible scrubland south of Cape Borda Road in the Ravine Des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area. These fires have now merged and burnt 7528 ha, including large areas of wilderness area, private property and timber plantation.

Due to local wind conditions, there is a significant amount of smoke in the area and current winds are pushing the smoke towards Kingscote. Due to the size and complexity of the fires and the terrain they are burning in, it is expected that the Ravine fire will continue to burn for a number of weeks.

Park closure

To ensure community and visitor safety, NPWS are closing Flinders Chase National Park from midnight tonight Wednesday 1 January 2020 until further notice.

See park closures and alerts

What we are doing?

With the support of aircraft, firefighting activities are currently focussing on asset protection where safe to do so. Changing weather conditions and lack of visibility due to smoke may decrease their effectiveness.

CFS is currently evaluating various options to strategically contain this fire, including a number of backburns. But it likely that the Cape Torrens Wilderness Area, Cape Borda, and large tracts of the Ravine Des Casoars Wilderness Area will be impacted.

What conditions are expected?

Strong winds and hot conditions are forecast for Friday 3rd January and it will be a day of significant fire danger.

What roads are open?

Extensive road closures are in place on the western end of Kangaroo Island. For updates on road closures visit Traffic SA

Stay up to date visit the CFS website

or phone the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.

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