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Freedom of Information

SA Housing Authority, Freedom of Information (FOI)

The South Australian Freedom of Information Act 1991 (the Act) promotes openness and accountability in the South Australian Government. The Act gives you a legal right of access to information held by most government agencies, subject to certain privacy and other specific exemptions. You can also ask to have personal records amended if the information is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading.

Making a freedom of information request

If you want to access documents held by the SA Housing Authority, including documents relating to your personal affairs, you must apply in writing (using a Request for Access Form, a letter or email) by submitting your request, together with the application fee (if applicable) to:

The Freedom of Information Officer
GPO Box 1669
Adelaide South Australia 5001



Please note:  A fee may apply in relation to your application, Refer to FOI (Fees and Charges)

Prior to making a FOI request, you may wish to make an enquiry, please Email:

Alternatively, you can complete and submit an online application form:

Your request must:

  • select the Name of the agency as 'SA Housing Trust'
  • specify that you are asking for information under the Act
  • provide sufficient detail to enable the document(s) requested to be identified
  • provide an address (in Australia) to which notification of the determination of your application can be sent.

Further information is also available at

Requesting a review

If you are refused access to all or part of a document that you requested, you will be told why and of your right to seek a review or appeal.

You can also seek a review or appeal if you have applied for your personal records to be amended under FOI and the amendment has been refused.

Apply to review a decision under FOI

Ombudsman SA

Phone:  8226 8699
Toll-Free within South Australia, Phone  1800 182 150

South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT)

Phone:  1800 723 767

Getting help with FOI

You may find the following web site links helpful if you are seeking assistance with freedom of information matters.

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