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Mental Health Supported Social Housing Program policy

The Mental Health Supported Housing Program provides supported housing to eligible Community Mental Health customers.

Housing SA and community housing providers manage these tenancies and the properties assigned to the program. Community Mental Health services provide support.

The policy sets out:

  • who’s eligible for the program
  • how people are housed under the program
  • how the tenancies are managed.


A person may be nominated for the program by Community Mental Health if they meet all of the below:

  • they’re a registered consumer of Community Mental Health services
  • they have a care coordinator and a care plan
  • they’re eligible for Category 1 in public or community housing
  • they’re in high need and can’t sustain a tenancy without support.

Nominations and assessment

When a Mental Health Supported Social Housing Program property becomes vacant the housing provider managing the property asks Community Mental Health to nominate eligible people.

Community Mental Health forms an Allocations Committee. The committee assess the nominations and decide who to offer the property to. The committee takes into consideration:

  • the best fit of the person to the property - eg if disability modifications are needed
  • the level of support the person receives.

Before the person’s offered the property, they must meet both of the below conditions:

  • they’re registered for either public or community housing
  • they have a formal case management with a support provider determined by Community Mental Health.

Managing tenancies and supporting tenants

The housing provider’s responsible for managing the tenancy and the property in line with their organisation’s own policies - eg assessing and setting rent, providing maintenance, managing antisocial behaviour.

Mental health care coordinators are responsible for providing support to customers for as long as they need it during the tenancy. They establish and continuously review case management plans with the customer.

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21 November 2018

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