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Department of Human Services

Section A: Reporting required under the Public Sector Act 2009, the Public Sector Regulations 2010 and the Public Finance and Audit Act 1987

Agency purpose or role

The Urban Renewal Authority, trading as Renewal SA and the Department for Human Services (DHS) (formally the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion), Housing SA were responsible for facilitating a range of housing options for residents of South Australia under the South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT).

Many of the people who require support are people who are in need of help beyond that of a traditional landlord service. Housing SA aimed to provide support to these people by focusing on the provision of a range of service delivery options to enable them to sustain healthy and viable tenancies, rent privately and/or exit homelessness by funding and managing services to support their transition to a more stable lifestyle.

Working together Renewal SA and Housing SA aimed to improve the supply of affordable housing opportunities suited to the diverse and changing profile of people living in the state; and to provide a range of housing options and the supports to assist people to make the choices that best suit their circumstances and to sustain their accommodation.


  • Focus on high quality services to those who are most vulnerable or at risk in our society.
  • Provide a wide range of products and services to people to help make connections between them and the places they live, delivered by a number of government and non-government providers working in partnership.
  • Support the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia in the delivery of various National Partnership Agreements.
  • Assist the Government of South Australia in the growth and accessibility of the community housing sector.
  • Acceleration of urban renewal through ongoing partnerships and engagement with industry, not-for-profit and community housing sectors.

Key strategies and their relationships to SA Government objectives

Key strategySA Government objective
Assist people to secure and maintain affordable and appropriate housing by providing high quality services to those who are most vulnerable or at risk. Support those people and families struggling with the cost of living by providing multiple housing options.
Continue to develop a range of innovative responses to meet the diverse needs of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Support those people and families struggling with the cost of living by providing multiple service options leading to affordable and appropriate housing.
An emphasis on improving housing services that are available for remote and non-remote indigenous people. Ensuring availability of housing for indigenous people, including a focus on job creation through employment and training.

Support the growth of disability housing for people under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Support people with disability by increasing the supply of suitable housing options.

Continue to review and implement the vision of Connecting People to Place (the Housing SA Blueprint 2013-18).

Continue to improve the provision of housing, services for people and investigating better IT information technology infrastructure.

Strengthen responses to children and young people who are vulnerable and at risk.

Work with government and non-government agencies on greater information sharing to ensure children have a safe place to live and grow up in.

Rejuvenate and deliver contemporary housing options more suited to the diverse and changing profile of tenants.

Create social housing renewal projects to increase the supply of affordable and appropriate housing.

Deliver more opportunities to increase housing supply across the housing sector and create a diverse range of housing options for all people across South Australia.

Create social housing renewal projects to provide opportunity for investors and businesses to create local jobs and increase the supply of affordable and appropriate housing for those people and families struggling with the cost of living through multiple avenues of housing options.

Agency programs and initiatives and their effectiveness and efficiency

Program Name Indicators of performance/effectiveness/efficiency Outcome for South Australia

Public and Aboriginal Housing

Maintained a 98% occupied tenancy rate of tenantable public and Aboriginal housing.

Supported customers by allocating 95% of tenantable properties to people and households with high needs.

Investigated 97% of disruptive tenancy complaints lodged against tenancies.
92% of customers indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with maintenance services provided.

Less than 3% of public and Aboriginal housing properties were deemed overcrowded.

Enabled more than 34054 South Australians; including 3,246 indigenous Australians; and their families to live in safe, secure and affordable housing.

Private Rental Assistance

Of the 40,114 customers assessed for assistance, 37,453 (93%) were approved and 26,849 (72%) were assisted. Of these assisted -

  • 99% of applicants met the basic eligibility criteria for private rental assistance; and
  • 67% of bonds were partly or fully returned to Housing SA by landlords or agents.

26,849 South Australians accessed safe and secure private rental accommodation, negating the need for public housing supply and avoiding potential homelessness.

Housing Support

64% of people on the housing register received at least one type of housing assistance or service. Service includes either Financial, Housing or Support.

81.4% (3,303) of Category 1 customers received at least one type of service.

South Australians were assisted, or were connected to services, to address underlying issues affecting their ability to afford safe and continuous housing.

Private Housing Standards

307 complaints were received by the Housing Safety Authority, which lead to 448 property inspections (some properties may have had a number of inspections).

86% of complaints received regarding substandard properties, were placed on a housing improvement / demolition order.

By investigating complaints, 215 orders were revoked on properties due to reasonable compliance with the order.

Risk and Vulnerability

Housing SA used a Risk Identification Tool during customer contact to capture the varying levels of risk and vulnerability a person may be experiencing at a given point in time with the objective of determining the most appropriate service delivery responses based on a person’s individual circumstances.

2,362 (55.6%) of clients, who were deemed to be at risk and /or vulnerable were referred to further support from Housing SA and / or government and non-government agencies.

1000 Homes in 1000 Days

100% of sites to deliver 1,000 new public housing outcomes have been identified, with all tenders released to the market. 40% (398) of new homes had been constructed, with a further 44% (440) in various stages of construction. Stimulation of the local building and construction industries and the provision of 1,000 public housing outcomes; including 100 disability housing outcomes; for vulnerable South Australians.

Community Housing

74% of the community housing sector stock is approved Tier 1.

83% of community housing was allocated on a priority basis to those most in need.

Allocations to those with special needs were 61% which includes aged persons, those with a disability and those who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. 75.6% were allocated to Category 1 registrants and of these, 77.3% had a person in the household that identified as having special needs.

Overall satisfaction with community housing in South Australia is 81%.

Continued growth of partnership with not-for-profit organisations has increased viability of property portfolios, sophistication in asset management, maintenance and development; and supported enhanced services including tenant engagement programs.

Affordable Housing

The Government of South Australia’s policy of 15% affordable housing in significant developments has been integrated into the state planning system.

As at 30 June 2018, affordable housing was included in 85% of greater Adelaide development plans.

263 affordable homes were delivered during the 2017-18.  This includes home ownership, and social rental including community housing.

Affordable Homes Program

The Affordable Homes Program continues to support eligible buyers in South Australia into home ownership.

Improvements have been undertaken including a refresh of the Affordable Homes Program website, and a simplification of the declaration of eligibility.

144 Affordable Homes Program sales of land, new homes or ex-SAHT stock to low to moderate income homebuyers.

Public Transfer Program

Following a national tender process, the property and tenancy management of over 4,000 SAHT properties transferred to five high capacity Tier 1 community housing providers in September 2017.

The five community housing providers bring high-level redevelopment and upgrade skills with the capacity to manage SAHT properties at scale.

Tenants benefit from improved access to maintenance and housing services and redevelopment activity is improving the quality and diversity of housing opportunities, opening pathways to home ownership for South Australians.

Pilot Solar PV Scheme

The Pilot Solar PV Scheme has been completed with 400 solar PV systems installed on public housing properties including 240 State wide and 130 across the City of Adelaide.

The provision of solar panels to properties provides public housing tenants with a potential saving from lower electricity costs, and reduces South Australia’s carbon emissions.

Asset Condition Inspection

Beginning in March 2018, the program provides information necessary for long-term strategic planning, asset management decision-making and maintenance planning for public housing.

1,642 inspections were undertaken to facilitate improved management of the SAHT asset portfolio.

Whyalla Stimulus Program

The project, open only to Whyalla residents, was aimed at increasing employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled labour.

Sees an improvement of the condition, amenity, quality and serviceability of public housing dwellings in Whyalla.

The work program also provided training opportunities and apprenticeships, which has seen 37 new employment opportunities created.

Virtual Power Plan

Support the Government by assisting with the installation of 100 home energy systems on SAHT properties.

The program aims to deliver energy bill savings to public housing tenants and increase the reliability of the state's energy grid.

Renewing our Streets and Suburbs strategy

This initiative aims to renew 4,500 public housing properties within 10kms of Adelaide by 2020.

50% of properties scheduled for renewal have been released to the market through the various programs and 28 Expressions of Interest (EOIs).

To 30 June, 2,890 social housing renewal outcomes have been contracted/delivered.

The initiative aims to support the employment of 1,600 jobs each year.

Strategic Asset Management Plan

The Strategic Asset Management Plan, all Regional Asset Plans, Maintenance Investment Plan, Strategic Divestment Plan, and Construction Plan were completed to better inform annual planning for capital maintenance expenditure, construction programs and strategic divestment.

Required asset levels, types and locations to best support the future needs of vulnerable South Australians are being determined.

Legislation administered by the agency

  • South Australian Housing Trust Act 1995
  • South Australian Housing Trust Regulations 2010
  • Housing Improvement Act 2016
  • Housing Improvement (Fees) Regulations 2017
  • Housing Improvement Regulations 2017
  • Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Regulations 2014

Organisation of the Agency

The SAHT is established under the South Australian Housing Trust Act 1995 (the SAHT Act) and is managed by the SAHT Board of Management. Under Section 17 of the SAHT Act, the SAHT established a Service Level Administrative Arrangement (SLAA) with Renewal SA under which Renewal SA was to provide, on behalf of the SAHT:

  • financial services
  • all asset and maintenance strategy
  • the development and delivery of projects that will renew the SAHT’s housing stock and
    management of not-for-profit community housing growth strategies and stock transfers.

Under the SLAA, DHS, through Housing SA, delivered social housing services to tenants and customers, including property maintenance services as funded by the SAHT. Housing SA also provided other key housing related programs and responsibilities, such as the Private Rental Assistance Program.

The SAHT Board, through the SAHT Act, is responsible to the Minister for Human Services for overseeing the operations of the SAHT.

Other agencies related to this agency (within the Minister's areas of responsibility)

Nil to report.

Employment opportunity programs

Program name Result of the program

Aboriginal employment program

DHS reports on the results of this program in its annual report, which can be found at

Disability employment strategy

DHS reports on the results this program in its annual report, which can be found at

Traineeship Scheme

DHS reports on the results this program in its annual report, which can be found at

Graduate Trainee Program

DHS reports on the results this program in its annual report, which can be found at

Renewal SA Graduate Program

Renewal SA supports and regularly provides work experience placements for school and university students. In 2017-18, the agency placed two SAHT funded graduates.

Agency performance management and development systems

Performance management and development system Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency

Performance Development Plan (PDP)

The program provided Housing SA staff with the opportunity to discuss a development plan to assist with any career aspirations across the government. Housing SA was working towards all staff undertaking a PDP on a yearly basis with a six-month review.

As at 30 June 2018, 66.8% of staff are reported as having a current PDP.

Partnering for Performance Program (PPP)

Renewal SA’s PPP reinforces the importance of values and behaviours and the agency’s strategic plan. The program provides staff with the opportunity to discuss a development plan to assist with individual career aspirations.

Over 55% of Renewal SA employees reported participating in the program, compared to the South Australian Public Sector average of 44.1 % (to 31 December 2017).

Learning and Development Calendar

Aligned to Renewal SA’s five-year workforce strategy, all staff had access to development opportunities that build capability now and for the future. A calendar of health and well-being initiatives was developed, which aligns with nationally celebrated awareness days and addresses areas of health risk for the organization.

Our Inspiring Future Awards

Renewal SA's Our Inspiring Future Awards recognise staff commitment to achieving a positive and high-performing workplace. Two staff and two teams were recognised for their positive contributions in 2017.

Work health, safety and return-to-work programs of the agency and their effectiveness

Program name and brief descriptionEffectiveness

White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation

As an accredited White Ribbon workplace, Renewal SA continued building on existing workplace policies to support victims of domestic violence. Support for victims of domestic violence and the prevention of violence against women are incorporated in all People and Culture policies and procedures.

As a result of a staff engagement activity, Renewal SA now has a better understanding of how violence against women affects our staff.

Work Health Safety

Renewal SA followed a risk management approach to its safety program, with extensive consultation through employee and management representation on the Work Health Safety committee. There were no significant injuries reported during the financial year.

Renewal SA’s return to work program was characterised by prompt medical care for affected workers with a focus on a speedy return to pre-injury work, or where appropriate, the facilitation of alternative work. Early assessment of claims was 100%, and 100% of claims were determined within 10 working days.

Where joint duty of care exists between Renewal SA and other persons conducting a business or undertaking, extensive consulting was employed. A joint management forum; established as part of the redevelopment of the Tonsley precinct; continued to proactively manage safety. Potential safety impacts of projects and activations for members of the public were also closely monitored.

Health and Well-being

As a White Ribbon accredited workplace, Renewal SA’s health and well-being program continued to have a substantive focus on equality and the prevention of gender based violence, both within and outside of the workplace. Front line customer care employees were all trained in the violence prevention and the de-escalation of work-related and domestic violence.

Continuous offering of an Employee Assistance and Wellness Program that celebrates selected national and international days aligned with the organisation’s core value, including International Women’s Day, R U OK? Day, International Day for Safety at Work and International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The preventative care program focussed on skin screening and an influenza vaccinations program, to allow staff the option of accessing medical screening at work.

Renewal SA also continued to provide facilities for regular massage therapy sessions for employee’s.

Housing SA work health, safety and return to work programs are detailed in the DHS Annual Report, which can be found at:

Work health, safety and return to work performance

Housing SA work health, safety and return to work performance are detailed in the DHS Annual Report, which can be found at:

Renewal SA work health, safety and return to work performance are detailed in the Renewal SA Annual Report, which can be found at:

Data for previous years is available at: Data SA - South Australian Government Data Directory

Fraud detected in the agency

Category/nature of fraud Number of instances
Missing funds/property 0
Maladministration 1

Strategies implemented to control and prevent fraud

The DHS Fraud & Corruption Control Policy was retired in late 2017. The South Australian Fraud & Corruption Policy was adopted as the seminal document for fraud and corruption. The DHS Fraud & Corruption Control Plan document, which highlights processes for identifying and responding to fraud and other similar malpractices, was reviewed and updated to ensure it was consistent with the South Australian Fraud & Corruption Policy. Until 1 July 2018, Housing SA was covered by these DHS policies and plans.

This is supported by Internal Audit, which continues to include the consideration of the risk of fraud as a standard objective in their audit program.

The Incident Management Unit had also ensured that care concerns and misconduct matters were responded to in accordance with relevant legislative and departmental policies.

Renewal SA has a Fraud and Corruption: Prevention, Detection and Response Policy applying to both staff and suppliers, and facilitates fraud awareness training in order to control and prevent fraudulent behaviour.

Data for previous years is available at: Data SA - South Australian Government Data Directory

Whistle-blowers' disclosure

Number of occasions on which public interest information has been disclosed to a responsible officer of the agency under the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 Nil

Data for previous years is available at: Data SA - South Australian Government Data Directory.

Executive employment in the agency

Executive classification Number of executives
SAES1  6

Data for previous years is available at:  Data SA - South Australian Government Data Directory.

The Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment has a data dashboard for further information on the breakdown of executive gender, salary and tenure by agency.


The following is a summary of external consultants that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of work undertaken and the total cost of the work undertaken.

Consultancies below $10,000 each

ConsultantsPurpose Value $

Rider Levett Bucknall

Cost Management Services for Ninti Ngura / Gilbert Street Housing Development


Democracyco Unit Trust Pty Ltd

Strategy Development and Planning


Property and Consulting Australia

SAHT Triennial Review


Gary Storkey

SAHT Restructure



Consultancies above $10,000 each

ConsultantsPurpose Value $

Brett & Watson Pty Ltd

Provision of Doubtful Debts investigation


Beyond-Kathleen Stacey & Associates

Evaluation of Street Connect


Verve Group

Gilbert Street Student Accommodation Facility Consultancy


Deloitte Tax Services Pty Ltd

Taxation Services


AK Advisory

Disability Housing Review


University of New South Wales

External evaluation of Better Places Stronger Communities Program


PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

SAHT Triennial Review






Total all Consultancies


Data for previous years is available at:  Data SA - South Australian Government Data Directory

See also the Consolidated Financial Report of the Department of Treasury and Finance for total value of consultancy contracts across the SA Public Sector.


The following is a summary of external contractors that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of the work undertaken and the total cost of the work undertaken.

ConsultantPurpose Value $

Able Business Distributors Pty Ltd

Service of onsite network connection


Adcorp Property Group Pty Ltd

Body corporate fee


Modis Consulting Pty Ltd

ObjectStar analyst programming



Energy Assessment


Anangu Education Services

APY UMUWA accommodation landscaping


Attorney-General's Department

Transferal of funds from DHS to SACAT re Administration and implementation costs re Housing Improvement Act 2016


Attorney-General's Department

General advices on SAHT matters


Attorney-General's Department

Encumbrance on property owned by Northern Domestic Violence Services


Attorney-General's Department

Deed of Novation and Deed of Variation to extend Terms of Agreement


Australian Institute of Health & Welfare

Additional community housing sample


Australian Valuation Solutions

Professional valuation services



Interview transcription services



Housing SA temporary labour hire


Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Travel expenses for APY project


Ceduna Cleaning Contractor

Cleaning Services


Central Adelaide Local Health

Salary and on-cost recharge for seconded staff


Central Australian Affordable

Managing the refurbishment and redevelopment of the properties in ACHO program


Community Corporation inc

Body corporate fee


Winc Australia Pty Ltd



Department for Correctional Services

Yard maintenance and house supervising


CPA Credit Services

Credit report and financial analysis


Ellement 79 Pty Ltd

Temporary labour hire


Family & Community Services NSW

Funding contributions to NRSCH 2017-18


Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Salary and on-cost recharge for seconded staff


Fields Group Pty Ltd

Wangka Wilurra Transitional accommodation Centre labour hire and security services


Flinders University of SA

Provision of technical advice into SA Housing - SDAI Assistive Technology Project


Flinders University of SA

10% payment towards research project "Supporting young women experiencing sexual assault and/or domestic and family violence through the SYP"


Flinders University of SA

Research project "Development of an assessment tool for Domestic and Family Violence Supportive Housing Program"


Flinders University of SA

Disability houses infrastructure works


Mal Fricker Communications

Repair telephone system


Fujitsu Australia Ltd

DBA support services and various call out fees


Hays Personnel Services

Temporary labour hire


Department Health and Human Services

Salary, on-costs and operational expenditure for National Consultant Disaster Recovery


Herron Todd White (SA) Pty Ltd

Professional valuation services


Herron Todd White (Riverland)

Professional valuation services


Herron Todd White (Mt Gambier)

Professional valuation services


Hoban Recruitment

Temporary labour hire


Hudson Global Resources

Temporary labour hire


Ian Jones & Associates

Property inspection



Temporary labour hire


Jones Lang Lasalle SA Pty Ltd

Professional valuation services


Jones Lang Lasalle

Professional valuation services


Knight Frank (SA) Pty Ltd

Professional valuation services


Knight Frank Valuations

Professional valuation services


Ronald Alexander Lochert

Various building consultancy


Lynch & Meyer

Legal advice re APY lands asbestos container transportable


Manpower Services Australia Pty Ltd

Temporary labour hire


Mcardle Application Software

IT systems development services


Mark Neill

Review and advice on various SAHT policies, procedures and guidelines


Opteon Property Group

Professional valuation services


Pimba Building Contractors P/L

Electrical maintenance


DPTI Transport Services

Technical assistance and management of ROSAS program


Port Augusta Youth Centre Inc

Temporary labour hire


Portway Housing Association

Maintenance at 2/341 Victoria Road Largs North property


Process Servers (Australia)

Process serving services


Randstad Pty Ltd

Temporary labour hire


Raw Recruitment and Services

Temporary labour hire and employment training at Blair Athol Quattro site


Excel Recruitment

Temporary labour hire (executive assistant)


SAI Global Limited

Property searches


Secon Consulting Engineers

Assessment of no compliant plumbing works at St Vincent Street Pt Adelaide Ladder Project


Opteon (South Australia) P/L

Professional valuation services


Staff Easy Pty Ltd

Temporary labour hire


Strata Management SA

Body corporate fee


Talent International (SA) P/L

Temporary labour hire


Tauondi Aboriginal Corp

New Dreams mentor position


Third Sector Management



Toscas Quality Used Cars

Maintenance at 40 OTC Rd, Ceduna


Uniting Care Wesley

Transitional support services EEH program


Valcorp Australia P/L

Professional valuation services


Waymouth Consulting Pty Ltd

‘Desktop Review’ for the SAHT Indigenous Housing Program Revaluation


Zip Id

ID check


Edwards Marshall Pty Ltd

Probity services


Escient Pty Ltd

Housing SA cloud network planning and architecture


Expose Data Pty Ltd

Maintenance auditing quality analytics PoV


Fyfe Pty Ltd

Engineering consultancy


Global Skilled Solutions

Staff placement


Greencap - Naa Pty Ltd

Soil testing at 26 Laverton Street, Daveron Park


Harrison Mcmillan Pty Ltd

Temporary labour hire for project manager of MoG Changes


Message4u Pty Ltd

Business SMS services


Ngamuru Advisory

Review Multi-Trade Contract maintenance service delivery model


Quigley & Watts Pty Ltd

Tenant evaluation service evaluation


Data for previous years is available at: Data SA - South Australian Government Data Directory.

The details of all South Australian Government awarded contracts for goods, services and works are displayed on the SA Tenders and Contracts website.

The website also provides details of across-government contracts.

Financial performance of the agency

Full audited financial statements for 2017-18 are attached to this report.

Other financial information

Nil to report.

Other information requested by the Minister(s) or other significant issues affecting the agency or reporting pertaining to independent functions

Key Statistics $    2017-18
Number of applications on the housing register 1 
   - Category 1 3,878
   - Category 2 5,368
   - Category 3 11,259
  Low demand / pending 84
Number of new allocations 2 
   - Category 1                2,062
   - Category 2                107
   - Category 3 105
  Unknown                1
Total number of properties 1 35,850
Total number of tenanted properties 1 35,054
Total number of vacant properties 1 
   - Vacant tenantable properties 652
   - Vacant untenantable properties 1.144
Total number of properties sold 2 322
Capital maintenance upgrades 2 925
Properties modified with disabled modifications 2 2,429
Number of maintenance telephone calls received 2 304,956
Total number of tenants identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander 1 3,246
Total number of tenants identifying with disability 1 12,226
Percentage of dwellings identified as overcrowded 12.6%
Total customer debt 220,859,000
Total number of disruptive complaints 2 
  - Received5,968
  - Resolved6,131
Total number of approved South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal evictions 2143
Number of customers provided with a 2 
  - Bond guarantee20,550
  - Cash Bond73
Number of customers who received rent in advance and/or rent in arrears 220,799
Number of Bonds 2 
  - Fully refunded10,238
  - Fully or partially claimed10,728
Number of Customers 1 
  - Currently on the Private Rental Liaison Officer program 1974
  - Housed through the Private Rental Liaison Officer program 1530
Housing Safety Authority 
  - Complaints Received307
  - Housing Assessment Orders 121
  - Housing Improvement Orders263
  - Housing Demolition Orders0
  - Notice to Vacate36
  - Rent Controls71
  - Rent Revisions24
  - Orders Revoked226

1 As at point in time

2 Cumulative for the financial year (1 July - 30 June)

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