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Squiz Training - Lawn



Lawn is grass all nice and neat and usually found in a suburban garden in front and/or behind a house.

Lawn can also be found on sporting areas such as ovals and golf courses.

If you are a fan of colour, lawn is not for you. It tends to come in two colours only: green (in winter) or brown (in summer). There seem to be no plans to release lawn in other colours such as red, orange or the ever-popular blue.

Fertilise lawn from time to time in the winter to encourage lush growth. Don't bother in the summer, when it will be dried up and withered whatever you do to it.

Do not confuse lawn with the illegal type of grass. You will be disappointed.

Watering needs

Water to establish and keep moist in active growth during winter and spring. Installing a rain water tank can help manage your water bills at this time of the year.

In warmer climates, you are best not to try for lawn. An 'urban jungle' look may suit your area better.

Season Buffalo Grass Rough Scrubby Grass
Spring Light watering No watering
Summer Significant watering No watering
Autumn Light watering No watering
Winter No watering No watering

table 2!

Grass Type Buffalo
Season Spring
Watering requirements Light

Best feature of lawn

Soft on the feet and gives your dog something in which to dig large, unsightly holes of varying depth.

Best suited for this climate

Cool. Watch out for frost and heat.

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Download a helpful brochure about lawn.

Page last updated : 06 Jul 2021