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Squiz Training - Lilium

Pixie Asiatic Lilium 'Curly Leaf'

Pixie Asiatic summary

Pixie Asiatic Lilium ‘Curly Leaf’ has antique white flowers with a deep red centre and narrow border. The flowers are upward facing and up to nine open on established bulbs.

Gorgeous in the garden, fantastic in pots and fabulous for cut flowers too.

Pixie Asiatic Lilium are playful, versatile and colourful. The dwarf stems make it easy to add splashes of colour where you need it. Their compact growth makes them ideal for small gardens, the front of beds and in containers. The flowers are as big and colourful as many other Asiatic Lilies.

Ensure you fertilise your Pixie Asiatic Lilium well, this will encourage the best blooms. Fertilise when you first see growth, then again as they are fading.

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Watering requirements

According to some information I saw on the ABC news website, Liliums are great low-water plants.

For other low-water plants, perhaps try dry-planted Camellias?

There are also many options for low-water Lawn!

Typical 'Curitiba' blooms

You can see a photo of a typical 'Curitiba' in full bloom here. White leaves with cranberries splashes are a real standout in the garden.

Other people's liliums may be prettier than yours. You can make a complaint to the Ombudsman SA at this link -

Best suited for this climate

Cool to Sub-Tropical (Tasmania to Brisbane). But watch out for frost.

Downloads regarding 'Curly Leaf' Liliums

Download the Pixie Asiatic Lilium 'Curly Leaf' brochure

Download the Camellia brochure

Download the Lawn report

Page last updated : 23 Aug 2022