We recognise the importance of responding to the needs of young people in diverse ways that suit their aspirations and experiences. We aim to uphold every young person’s right to agency and to access the social and economic pathways that will enable them to thrive. Our aim is to work together to design solutions developed by, and for, young people.

We also know that it is vital to keep checking back in with young people and the broader community sector about ongoing challenges, new opportunities, and issues.

Sometimes these conversations are framed around the needs of a particular group or community. They can be about identifying gaps in services or designing better services. They can also involve mapping barriers, developing new ideas and considering how the policy landscape can be organised better to enable young people to access opportunities.

Currently, we are focusing our engagement efforts on the following groups/topics:

  • Developing a three-year Youth Action Plan for South Australia - more information will be available soon about this initiative
  • LGBTIQ young people – Listening to their voices and supporting inclusive youth services
  • Regional Driver’s Licence Attainment – What works and where are the gaps.

To find out more about how we engage, check out Better Together: A practical guide to effective engagement with young people.