Feedback and complaints

We want to know about what we are doing well and what we need to improve. Your feedback can help us to provide a better service.

You can lodge a complaint, provide a compliment, or give a suggestion.

How can I make a complaint or provide feedback?


Fill out our online feedback form.

Email us

Phone us Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

In person at any DHS office


Write a letter and send to:

DHS Client Feedback
GPO Box 292
Adelaide SA 5001

What happens next?


We will share your compliment with the person or area.


We will pay attention to your complaint and try to find a solution. We will tell you what happens with your complaint.


We will ensure the right person follows up your feedback and will contact you about any action or decision.

If you are still not satisfied

You have the right to refer matters to:

Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy

Our Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy is available for you to read or download.

DHS Disability Services Complaints and Feedback

We have many feedback and complaint options for the people we support in DHS Disability Services.

We encourage you to give us feedback or complaints to help us improve

DHS Feedback and complaints form

DHS Feedback and complaints form

DHS Feedback and complaints form
Page last updated 25 November 2023