The DHS Graduate Program gives you opportunities to make a difference in the lives of South Australian individuals, families and communities.

From day one, you will work on a range of projects, policies and services to support either our frontline staff, or to deliver vital services within the community. The DHS Graduate Program is a challenging and rewarding way to kick-start your career.

Graduate Officers will participate in a structured calendar of induction, professional development and mentoring sessions.

Graduate placements are across South Australia, both in Adelaide and regional locations.

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What our past graduates say:

Mia Zaccardo

I was fortunate enough to be offered a position in the DHS (then DCSI) Graduate Program in 2016, where I was placed in a business systems improvement team. Over the course of the 12-month program, I had the opportunity to work on a range of exciting and meaningful projects, learn about the various roles across our multi-disciplinary team, and receive training, mentoring, and leadership support to help me build the necessary skills for a career in the public sector.

Following the Graduate Program, I was offered a position as a Policy and Programs Officer in the now Community Investment and Support (CIS) Division, working on a range of programs that support financial wellbeing and food security amongst  populations in need of support. After a brief stint in the not-for-profit sector, I have since returned to CIS to work on the development and implementation of an exciting new program called Community Connections, which supports people who are socially isolated to connect with their local community, support networks and services. What I love most about my role, and the public sector/DHS in general, is that I am surrounded by people whose values align with my own and who are committed to giving their all every day to help improve the lives of vulnerable South Australians. I also love working in a diverse team where everyone has a unique skillset and background and are only too happy to share their expertise in support of our common goals.

For me, the best thing about the Graduate Program was that it opened doors I didn’t even know existed.

That exposure to the Department’s wide range of functions and employment opportunities was invaluable, as was the opportunity to meet and get to know people at all levels throughout the organisation.

Not only is the Graduate Program beneficial to its participants, graduates also bring a unique perspective to a business unit and are often able to view projects and challenges with fresh eyes. Having recently graduated from their studies, they are eager to dive into the workforce and try their hand at whatever challenge you can throw their way. Today, Graduates also tend to have a highly-diversified skillset and are skilled in utilising technology to solve a wide range of problems.

Sean Roddy

The DHS Graduate Program was a great experience which supported my transition from university to the professional workplace.

As a graduate, I received accelerated professional development and support from my peers and mentors.

This provided opportunity to progress into more senior roles within the Department and was overall a significant step forward in my future career.

Zoe Easterbrook

The experiences and connections I gained during my time in the DHS Graduate Program gave me an excellent and supported transition from university to begin my career in government through networking, training, and on-job-learning.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and International Studies, I found that I was able to transfer my analytical, research and writing skills and apply them to my work on a large-scale business transformation project in a supportive environment. The amazing experiences I’d gained during the program helped me to define the direction I wanted my career to go in and to secure further employment within government.

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