Child and Family Support

We help South Australian families by empowering them with knowledge, skills and professional support. There are many services and programs available, whether you need a lot of help or a little.  Learn more about our programs for parents and professionals.

Family Support Services

Resources for parents and families — workshops, webinars, events and more.

Child and Family Support System (CFSS)

The Child and Family Support System (CFSS) is made up of a spectrum of services that are able to respond to different degrees of complexity and safety concerns of children and families.

Intensive Family Services

Intensive Family Services are specialist services for families with high level safety concerns.

Preventing out-of-home care and intergenerational trauma

Services that provide a very high level of intensive family support to address immediate safety concerns and improve family functioning.

Child Safe Environments Program

Does your organisation provide services to children and young people? Get support to be a Child Safe Environment.

Practitioner resources

Practice guidance and strategies to support practitioners to work with families to strengthen family safety, wellbeing and functioning.