Preventing out-of-home care and intergenerational trauma

These services provide a very high level of intensive family support initially to address immediate safety, then high intensity to support improved family functioning. The services address the needs of priority populations, including infants at risk, young parents, adolescents with complex trauma, and Aboriginal families with multiple and complex needs.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space supports young women up to the age of 25, who have had a child removed from their care and are at risk of repeated removals.


My Place

My Place provides specialist support and health services to young people aged 12 to 25 under the Guardianship of the Chief Executive or post-Guardianship.


Stronger Together

Stronger Together is an in-home intensive support service.


Taikurtirna Tirra-apinthi – Making Safer Families

Kornar Winmil Yunti (KWY) delivers Taikurtirna Tirra-apinthi – Making Safer Families to Aboriginal families in western Adelaide where children are at immediate risk of being placed in out-of-home care.


Resilient Families Program

The Resilient Families program is a Social Impact Initiative, working with families where children are at risk of abuse and neglect.


Page last updated 26 May 2023