Youth Justice Psychology Services (YJPS)

YJPS Mission

To facilitate change in criminogenic needs through culturally and clinically proficient psychology services.

Youth Justice Psychology Services ( YJPS) provide psychological assessment and targeted intervention to identify and address offending behaviours of children and young people who are subject to a sentenced order. YJPS also provide consultation on behaviour support strategies for high risk children and young people who are residents of the Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC) and psychological assessments ordered by the Youth Court. All YJPS services are accessed through a referral process.

The explicit focus of YJPS is on criminogenic assessment and rehabilitation.

YJPS assessments assist in developing case plans to aid in the rehabilitation of young people involved in the youth justice system. YJPS assessments cover background history and patterns of offending, and may include analysis of risk, and recommendations for interventions to reduce the likelihood of further offending by a young person.

Upon request from a Judicial Officer, YJPS may provide the Youth Court with clinical/forensic psychological assessments and reports. This includes a comprehensive summary of a young person’s background history and patterns of offending, an analysis of offending risk (general, violent and/or sexual), case formulation, and recommendations for interventions to reduce the likelihood of further offending. Other relevant assessments (e.g. intellectual functioning) may be conducted as part of this process.

YJPS intervention includes both individual therapy and group-based rehabilitation programs. YJPS intervention is specifically focused on addressing the underlying causes of a young person's offending behaviour, to try and reduce the likelihood of further offending.  This can include addressing issues such as difficulty in managing emotions, substance, mental health, family concerns and thoughts and beliefs that lead to offending.  YJPS prioritises young people who are at high risk of re-offending and who have been convicted of serious offences.

Furthermore, YJPS also has involvement in the development, sourcing, review and delivery of a range of programs.  this includes the development of community partnerships and engagement with external stakeholders to provide an array of programs specific to the needs of young people.

Page last updated 26 May 2023