What to expect

Grant holders are organisations that have received a grant from Grant SA and are currently spending the money they have received or are about to. If you're given a grant, this is what will happen.

Receiving your new grant

You will receive a grant contract

The contract will detail everything you need to know about the grant you are receiving. It includes what we (Department of Human Services) are agreeing to and what you are required to do in return.

You will need to sign the contract and return it back to us.

The main things you will agree to or have

  • Provide reporting
  • Hold Public Liability Insurance
  • Inform us if there are any changes that affect the original plan of how you will spend the grant money
  • Acknowledge the Government of South Australia as the funder if you publicly talk about your initiative.

When you will receive the grant money

Your grant contract will specify how, when and under what conditions you'll receive the grant money.

Reporting on your grant

When your project is complete, you must complete an online acquittal report to show that you have spent your funds in accordance with your agreement.

Keep receipts for all purchased items and submit them with your report.

After you receive your grant, we will email the user of your SmartyGrants account and send them a link to your report.

Reports are due one month after the end date of your agreement.

How to report

  1. Log in to your SmartyGrants account
  2. Fill in the report and complete the expenditure statement
  3. Upload your receipts as attachments
  4. Print the form and have it signed by two authorised people in your organisation
  5. Scan the form and upload the signed form as an attachment
  6. Submit the completed form with attachments.
Page last updated 15 June 2023