ASES Activity Form

The Australian Service Excellence Standards are for community services. Any organisation can use them.

This form allows us to assist your organisation with all its ASES needs.

Whether your organisation is commencing its quality journey or undertaking re-accreditation, the Activity Form allows you to apply for several ASES related activities/services at once.

You can tell us which quality program(s) you are interested in, at what level and the activity or activities you wish to do.

When we receive the form, we can support you with resources, information and updates to the Standards. We will also note your organisation’s registration on our database.

An email response will be sent you within 3 to 5 working days with further information and instructions about your chosen activity/activities.

We wish you all the best on your quality journey.

Privacy Statement

Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) will use information collected from this form for the purpose of determining your quality assurance program. You are not lawfully required to submit a response. In accordance with DHS’ Privacy Policy, ASES undertakes to treat any personal information provided by you as confidential and only for the purposes indicated above.  Any information submitted will only be retained for such time as necessary to carry out the purposes for which the information is collected or as required by law. Email addresses and any other contact details you provide will not be provided to a third party or added to a mailing list without your consent.  For further information please email

Before you begin

We will be asking you about your organisation's location and the key services provided there. If you have more than one location, please prepare a document for upload that lists every location and the key services provided at each one.

Do you plan to do STARservice Development Tool or the Australian Service Excellence Standards?
What activity do you wish to do? You can choose more than one option
If accessing the workbooks and evidence guides - which level are you interested in?

If answered Yes to "Book an external assessment" - please detail key programs and services provided at each of your service delivery sites.

Scope of Assessment
Please upload a document that lists every location and the key services provided at each one.
(Word, Excel, PDF or Text documents accepted)

Your organisation
State or Territory *
State or Territory
Head of Organisation
Key Contact Person
Please ensure that the person selected to be the ASES key contact has been endorsed by management within your organisation.
Which level of ASES workbooks and evidence guides would you like to receive? Certificate level must be attained and maintained in order to be accredited at the Award level.
To reduce red tape, our assessors view any equivalent standard that you may need to meet. These requirements could be Out of Home Care Standards, Community Housing or other Commonwealth Standards. By gathering information about the range of quality programs or standards in use, you may wish to undertake a joint review. The assessors can tailor approaches to better support your quality-related needs and streamline the accreditation process. Please list the range of standards that you need to meet.

Page last updated 25 July 2023