Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES)

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) aims to help organisations improve business practices and client services. It does this through:

  • a set of community service standards, and
  • a program of support.

ASES helps organisations identify a pathway to accreditation and the building blocks they need on specific topics.

Accreditation generates:

  • greater public confidence:
  • improved efficiencies and work processes
  • access to more funding opportunities and
  • a more stimulating workplace culture for staff who feel more empowered, involved and satisfied.

Accreditation benefits consumers, staff, board members, managers and funding bodies.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable internationally accredited quality improvement program options for you.

For non-government organisations seeking one-off grants or entering into multi-year funded service agreements, both the STARservice recognition and the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) accreditation program are suitable.

New South Wales specialist homelessness services

If your organisation is a New South Wales specialist homelessness service, please consult your industry partner for additional ASES resources. See Homelessness NSW -  ASES

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In this Section

Achieving and maintaining accreditation

Achieving and maintaining accreditation


Summary of accreditation standards

Summary of accreditation standards



To help you get started, we have pulled together a wide range of policy examples to support your organisation when working through the ASES STARservice Recognition, Certificate and Award Levels.


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