Funeral AssistanceSA

Funeral AssistanceSA helps people who have experienced the death of a South Australian family member or friend to cover the costs of a funeral.

Applicants must meet income eligibility criteria and have exhausted all other options to raise funds or obtain credit.

The funeral must not have been already arranged or, where a grant is sought after the event, the account must be moderate and not yet fully paid.

Services are provided or arranged by the program’s contracted funeral director.

Non-government and community organisations can support family or friends of the deceased person to apply. Alternatively, if there is no known family or friends, other agencies may apply on behalf of the deceased.

Contact details

Phone  1300 762 577

Related information

South Australian Government Funeral AssistanceSA Policy (PDF 563.8 KB)

Funeral AssistanceSA Brochure (PDF 168.8 KB)


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