Carer Support Services

The Commonwealth funded Carer Gateway has evolved since it was first launched to become the primary support platform for carers in South Australia.

As of 1 July 2023, DHS-funded carer services are focused on complementing the Carer Gateway by providing important services not supported at the Commonwealth level - carer breaks and dedicated services for young carers.

Carer Breaks aim to support wellbeing by providing carers with a complete break from their caring role.

Carer breaks are available for carers aged 5 years and above.

Contact Carers SA to find out more about carer breaks.

Young Carers, between the ages of 5 and 25,can access a range of social, connection, participation and wellbeing services.

For a better understanding of young carers, please refer to the DHS support for young carers page.

In addition to these dedicated services for carers, the DHS Community Connections Program (CCP) is available to eligible carers seeking connection to services and community and social support. For more information, please see our DHS Community Connections Program page.

Page last updated 13 September 2023