Community Connections Stories

How can Community Connections benefit you?

The experience of each Community Connections Program participant looks different. Reading about what has worked for a small sample of participants from all over the state gives a better idea of how the program works, how the program partners work together, and how the program can help strengthen connection to the community or to access services.

How Dungeons and Dragons helped Owen to spread his wings

Community Connections Stories

19 September 2023

Assisting Owen with an interest inspired him to socialise and work on long term goals.

When teamwork makes the dream work

Community Connections Stories

10 August 2023

A community garden project on the Limestone Coast has unified several participants of the Community Connections Program (CCP), fostering a shared sense of purpose and belonging among them.

Two people gardening.

Art, a job, and a doctor that listens

Community Connections Stories

27 July 2023

During Craig’s time in the program, he used art classes to socially connect with others while taking care of his mental health.

Group of people in a room painting on canvases.

What a difference 12 weeks can make


20 July 2023

Jane had been on medication for schizophrenia for many years... she was struggling to control her emotions and had suicidal thoughts.

Two women holding hands, one sitting on sofa, looking away and the other standing looking down towards her in a caring manner.

Lost in translation

Community Connections Stories

13 July 2023

Sangay, a 46-year-old Bhutanese man, had hearing loss in his right ear. This depressed him and kept him housebound except for when he had to see his GP.

Young female doctor speaking to a group of elderly individuals.

Bravery and laughter in the face of social anxiety

Community Connections Stories

6 July 2023

After suffering multiple traumas, Laura decided to take a couple of years off and work on her mental health.

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