The Department of Human Services (DHS) celebrates diversity and strives to improve the lives of all people. We want our services and workplaces to be safe and inclusive, and we are committed to supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer*, Asexual and other sexually, gender and bodily diverse (LGBTIQA+) South Australians.

DHS does this by:

  • Funding community services and grants for LGBTIQA+ people
  • Developing government policy that support LGBTIQA+ communities
  • Ensuring that DHS is inclusive for all LGBTIQA+ people
  • Supporting other government agencies to be more LGBTIQA+ inclusive
  • Co-ordinating a Rainbow Email Network to share information about research, resources, events, grants and consultation opportunities.

* DHS recognises that some people will use terms other than LGBTIQA+, and that terms like “queer” will be seen as derogatory by some people, especially older community members. DHS respects the language that all people use to describe their gender, sexuality, or bodily diversity.

LGBTIQA+ Government Services

Government services are available to make it easier for LGBTIQA+ people to access important information regarding exercising their rights, protection from discrimination, changing gender identity and relationship or marriage register. This page contains links to information and forms about common queries.


LGBTIQA+ Inclusive Workplaces

Everyone deserves to access services with the confidence that they will be respected and treated fairly, free from discrimination. This page provides information about accreditation, training and resources that can assist your organisation to become more LGBTIQA+ inclusive.


LGBTIQA+ Services and Support

If you are a member of the LGBTIQA+ community and need some support, help is available from a range of inclusive services.


DHS Rainbow News

Register to join the Rainbow News mailing list to receive information about DHS’ LGBTIQA+ inclusion work, research, resources, events, grants and consultation opportunities.


DHS Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Diversity and inclusion is about every member of our workforce bringing their unique perspective to the department, and being heard and valued by colleagues and leaders alike.