LGBTIQA+ Inclusive Workplaces

Everyone deserves to access services with the confidence that they will be respected and treated fairly, free from discrimination.

This page provides information about accreditation, training and resources that can assist your organisation to become more LGBTIQA+ inclusive.

Rainbow Tick accreditation

The Rainbow Tick is a quality framework that helps organisations show that they are safe, inclusive and affirming services and employers for the LGBTIQA+ community.

Rainbow Health Victoria developed Rainbow Tick. You can learn more about Rainbow Tick here:

If your South Australian organisation is interested in Rainbow Tick accreditation, it is recommended that your leaders participate in SHINE SA’s HOW2 training.

LGBTIQA+ inclusion training

Various organisations in South Australia provide LGBTIQA+ inclusion training:

  • Bfriend – LGBTIQA+ awareness and specialist training for community service organisations
  • Catalyst Foundation – LGBTIQA+ awareness and specialist LGBTIQA+ family and domestic violence training
  • COTA SA – Specialist training for aged care service providers
  • ColourFull Abilities – Training for disability services
  • SHINE SA – LGBTIQA+ awareness, specialist training for healthcare providers, and training for organisations seeking Rainbow Tick accreditation

Training is also available via Black Rainbow to help service providers increase their capacity to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTIQA+ people.

Toolkits and resources

Page last updated 26 May 2023